Meet the The Lexington Oaks CDD Board of Supervisors and its STAFF.  Review its MEETING CALENDAR, AGENDAS, and MINUTES.


Review the RULES, POLICIES and FORMS documenting the activities of the Community Center and CDD Amenities.


Examine the BUDGETS and AUDITS which outline how the Dollars and Cents of the CDD are managed.



Lexington Oaks Community Development District , located in Pasco County, Florida is a local, special purpose government entity authorized by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes, as amended, and created on April 14, 1998 by ordinance of Pasco County as an alternative method of planning, acquiring, operating and maintaining community-wide improvements in planned communities. 

A Community Development District (CDD) provides the "solution" to Florida’s need to provide valuable community infrastructure generated by growth, ultimately without overburdening other governments and their taxpaying residents. CDDs represent a major advancement in Florida’s effort to manage its growth effectively and efficiently. This allows a community to establish higher construction standards, meanwhile providing a long-term solution to the operation and maintenance of the community’s facilities.

For more more information about how community development districts work READ MORE.


CDD Services

Community appearance

Residents and property owners in a CDD set the standards of quality, which are then managed by the CDD. The Lexington Oaks CDD maintains many items in order to keep our community looking great. Maintenance of the turf, trees and palms, shrubs and annuals, irrigation system, trash pick up, entrance monuments and brick walls are all the responsibility of the CDD.


Parks and recreation

The CDD makes it possible for our community to offer the most desirable elements of a master-planned community. The CDD is responsible for the maintenance of these community amenities:

  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Volleyball courts
  • Multi-purpose field
  • Playground
  • Fitness Center


Supplemental Sheriff patrol

The District has the ability to enter into an agreement with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office to provide directed patrols specifically within the District boundaries in four hour increments to provide an above average level of service that the county currently provides.

The roadways and applicable roadway signage within the District is owned, maintained and operated by the county.


Residential street lighting

The Lexington Oaks street lighting system provides lighting to community common areas along Lexington Oaks Boulevard.

Lights are inspected monthly by a contractor. Any repairs needed are reported to agencies within twenty-four (24) hours of inspection.


Waterway management

The waterway system for the Lexington Oaks community consists of multiple acres of planted wetland and upland mitigation areas. The CDD is responsible for oversight and maintenance of these areas as well as control structure monitoring and repairs.

Lakes are inspected and/or treated monthly. Wetlands are treated annually for invasive growth. Wetland success reporting is submitted semi-annually to governmental regulatory agencies.

For more information, read our detailed description of waterway management systems in Florida.


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